Austin Day 5 - Thunderstorms!

Today was our first day off, therefore we didn't have to worry about the Austin traffic and getting to places for a certain time. We have had so much fun walking up and down 6th street people-watching and stumbling across bands playing in the all different venues. The city is buzzing and it sometimes seems more like a night out in Spain or Greece than a music festival.

We went back to the British music embassy, where there have been some really great acts on all week. As we were making our way to the communion showcase a crazy storm hit the city. We have been told that a lot of people come to Austin this time of year to go storm chasing. The sky put on quite the light show tonight!

We are sad this stay is coming to an end and we can not believe how quickly everything went by. There are still so many things we wanna see and do here in Austin. Hopefully we will be back soon!