Austin Day 6 - Photoshoot and baby octopus

Our week in Austin has sadly come to an end, but we've had a blast. It's pretty much the right timing as well as we are both super tired and all partied out! One thing is for sure though, we ended on a high!

We met with a fantastic photographer early on in the day for a shoot in the centre of Austin, in a little back alley by a stream. It was a nice spot and we can't wait to see how the shots turned out. We then went for Sushi (again, we mention sushi a lot because we love it so much), and Zak had some delicious baby octopus. 

We then hit up a few shows across the city, most notably we saw Fizzy Blood at the British Music Embassy, and our new found friends The Routine who killed it at the Handlebar rooftop on 5th. Check them out if you like funk/soul/rock. We have an super early flight tomorrow so we had to call it a night at a respectable hour, even though we would have loved to have partied on late into the night with them.

Austin has been so welcoming and we are sad to leave, but we really hope we can come back again next year to play what has easily become one of our favourite festivals, and one of our favourite cities <3