Golden Chains out now!

Our new single 'Golden Chains' is out now! 

You can check it out on Soundcloud here:

'Golden Chains' is the kind of song we had wanted to write for a long time, but it was difficult to find the right words. It reflects on how a lot of us who come from privilege value material things ahead of what is really important. The song suggests we take our ‘Golden Chains’ and tear them off – encouraging us all to step back, and reflect on what we could do differently to better ourselves

It is also available to stream on Spotify here:

And on iTunes here:

Golden Chains

We are very pleased to reveal to you that our next single will be called 'Golden Chains' and it will be available to download and stream on Friday 26th February via most outlets. We have been wanting to share this song for a long while and it is so exciting that now it is almost time! 

As a track it is a little different than 'Love You To The Moon' and we hope it shows another side to Ohlayindigo. We can't wait to hear what you think <3

Photo by: Glorybox Photography and Creative Imagery

I Love You To The Moon 50 000 times and back!

Wow. I really cannot believe Love You To The Moon has received over 50k plays on Spotify. I am so happy with the response it has received. I think we got to a point where we thought “Now we are just gonna make lots of music and maybe one of the tracks might get some attention”. However, I did not think that song would be Love you to the moon. I thought it would get the normal thousand or so people listening, then on the next release maybe a few more and so on. But the release really exceeded our expectations!

In honour of the fact you are enjoying our music, we feel like we have to keep it coming! We are so excited to reveal that our next single will be released at the end of February. Hope you guys will love this one just as much. It’s a bit different, it has another side that I’m excited to show.