Are you UK?

We took a brief trip to the UK this past week. It was a strange time to visit considering Britain had just voted to leave the European union, and the whole country felt like it was in some kind of weird post-funeral limbo. In this post we could discuss our political views, but we know most people have their own opinions and views. Just know we are not OK with it. 

Even if it did feel a bit strange, we still had a great time catching up with old friends and family. 

We visited London, Reading (Zak's hometown) and Bristol. We lived in Liverpool for 4 years and so coming back to the UK now after being away for quite some time was very nice... And we only got rained on a little. Bloody brexit...

Lost in the streets of Bosa

If you follow us on Instagram ( you might have noticed some very colourful photos from us this last week. We visited a beautiful little town in Sardinia called Bosa. Sometimes you just need to get away and recharge your batteries and get some fresh air. We spent our days exploring the small cobble streets, admiring the colourful houses, tasting the local food and taking in the Sardinian Culture. We are now back in Norway, refreshed and ready to get back to work x

February - Tracks we've been listening to

St. Lucia - Dancing On Glass (Keljet Remix):

I've been listening to a lot of St Lucia recently. I heard their track 'Love Somebody' on a Spotify playlist, but I had never heard of Keljet until this remix. I love what they have done! It's got such an awesome vibe. They have kept the perfect balance of bringing in their own input and style, whilst also keeping some elements consistent with the original.

Allie X - Old Habits Die Hard:

The first time I heard this, I thought it was a CHVRCHES track, which is by no means a bad thing. CHVRCHES have been a pretty influential band for us in the last year or so, and I can see that Allie X might also be influenced by them in the same way. I love the way she leads you gently through the verses, only to crash into the killer chorus. I was pretty surprised to hear she has been around a while, but having listened briefly to some of her other material, this was in my humble opinion the best of the bunch. 

Pretty Sister - Drive:

I love it when bands mix genres - especially when it turns out as funky as this. Pretty Sister do a great job of mixing uplifting R&B with a modern electronic style. These guys seem to love LA quite a lot. They do however only highlight the positives, and not the negatives; It would be a different song if they mentioned all the traffic.


GEM - Music Video

Here's the video for 'GEM' that we created a year or so ago. The video portrays the inner conflict someone can have. It's about jealousy and having a side to yourself that you might not necessarily like. The dead flower crown shows something that used to be beautiful, but over time it has perished, just like how jealousy can tear you up inside. 

The video was filmed in Liverpool by my good friend Emma Bassnet at Glory Box Photography UK.