Holiday reflections

These last few days the holiday spirit has left me with a lot to be grateful about. I have been thinking about how random life is, where you are born, who your family is, your heritage etc. It is a lottery. No unborn child has a say in any of these choices. We are given a deck of cards and it is up to us how we play them. 

In these times the differences are much clearer. Some of us see christmas as the best time of year, whilst to others it might just be another normal day, or even a struggle.

I don’t know if it is because of the media, and seeing everything that is going on right now but I didn’t have anything on my wish list this year. I’ve just found myself overfilled with gratitude. My life is overflowed with love and material things.  

And I have not done much to deserve it. I was just born in the right country by loving parents and always been told I can accomplish anything if I put my mind to it. 

Don’t get me wrong, I love getting presents. I am like a little child. Especially when I know the person has gone to the lengths of finding something that is very personal to me. And amongst all these great gifts I found a card from one of my closets friends.

Inside the card I found a leaflet to an organisation that donates to people in need. She wrote in the card that we are lucky to work on ourselves and our self development. She described how from this little gift we can start making the world a better place. Brick by brick. 

This meant so much to me, mostly because she had the same thought as me. It could have been from any organisation. But it was a symbol of something bigger . It gave me that extra push and confirmation of all these mixed feelings I’ve felt lately. 

So this christmas I was given the best gift possible, I’ve been reminded to be grateful again, and how we can slowly help to make this world a bit better. Even if it only a little at a time.