Songwriting and storytelling

I love songwriting. Just the feeling of going from a little idea to a finished product is so rewarding. It can be a draining process as well but I appreciate every minute of it. For every song I write I normally have 10 lyric ideas before the finished one. Sometimes, I hear the song in my head and,  just record it on my iPhone but other times I have to go several rounds before I come up with the final idea. 

So I start by creating an idea map. Here I map out what the message is, what kind of feeling the song should give, words I like, situations I've been in that relates to the subject etc. And then I write. I can almost write with closed eyes for this process, It is almost like I stop thinking and let the pen do the work.

Then after this process I go though all of my papers and pick out the parts that make sense and start playing around with melodies to some of the sentences. 
Songwriting for me is the best story telling. I love the idea of someone sat listening to what I wrote, and feeling something.

That is the magical thing with music, we can touch people's hearts and minds. Maybe we also can make a difference in someone's life, without even knowing.